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Book Winner!!!

The winner of the book giveaway, The Finer Edge by Kristin Omdahl, is Jen of lpcrochet!!! I hope you enjoy it!!!

Keep your eyes open folks for future giveaways. Talk soon. Erin


Mainly Crochet Online Magazine Preview #8

Meet the newest model in Michele Maks’ lineup – little Miss Emma!

Susan Tobia’s Mr. Loopy toy and Michele Maks’ striped blanket.

Kathryn White’s Lullaby Serenade Babyghan with matching hat and toy.

Michele Maks’ Round Rippled Blanket.

Michele Maks’ Ruffled Squares Blanket with accompanying hat and sweatsuit.

Is little Miss Emma adorable or what!

For more information about these and other designs, or for more information about the up and coming online magazine site, check out Michele Maks’ blog at http://msmaks.blogspot.com/2013/04/what-i-did-today.html

Til next time, let Miss Emma’s smile and joy of life bring a little sunshine to your day.


Mainly Crochet Online Magazine Preview #7

Feeling Blue? So are the designers of these fabulous designs!

Sue Solakian’s Grannies by the Sea

Susan Tobia’s Circle Game

Christy Schaffer McMahon’s Nautical Collar

And Michele Maks’ Baby Star which looks like a starfish!

For more information check out Michele Maks’ blog at http://msmaks.blogspot.com/2013/04/persistence-of-crochet.html

Til next time, have a GREAT day!


Mainly Crochet Online Magazine Preview #1

Ok, so I previously wrote about an editor contacting me and purchasing some designs. Well, the editor is Michele Maks, former editor of Crochet World Magazine with many other crochet related things under her belt! While I can’t talk about my designs, I can give you a preview of some of the designs and patterns that will be in the Mainly Crochet Online Magazine, the website should be ready sometime in June. A yearly subscription will be, if I remembered correctly, $24.95. There will be TONS of patterns and lots of new and exciting designs by talented designers.

One of those very talented designers is Sue Solakian. Her design, Ebb Tide afghan is first on the list of previews.

People, it is simply a work of art! For more info check it out at http://msmaks.blogspot.com/2013/04/ebb-tide-at-alliquippa.html

I shall post more previews soon!