My opinion on the gun control issue

This is a letter I sent to Senators and Representatives in Washington.

Please vote “NO” on any additional background checks and other anti-gun bills put before you. I know this does not create a national registry for guns but this is the first step. And the laws we currently have are firm enough, they just need to be enforced!

When Hitler took power one of the first things he did, to save children and to stop murders, was to create the world’s first national registry of guns. Once it was created, he confiscated guns then started the ghettos. We all know what came next, the extermination of 6 million Jews plus millions of others he deemed “offensive” – homosexuals, gypsies, blacks, and anyone who stood against him.

If we let one of our Rights disappear, we lose them all. Our rights are only defended by the Second Right.

Many say that the military and police are the only ones who need guns. But history says differently. It was through the People that we became a nation – yes we created militias, but it was FREE PEOPLE who defied England that created this country with their firm beliefs in our God Given Rights that make up the Bill of Rights. They are God given rights that at the bottom says, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED UPON. Any bill that prohibits, or restricts in any way is an infringement and therefore ILLEGAL!

The military is our first line of defense. But THE CITIZENS of AMERICA are the second line of defense. Should WW III ever break out, should we ever be invaded, The Citizens MUST have the equipment to fight back.

I live in a rural community in southeast Missouri where nearly everyone has a gun of some type. There are very few incidences of crime with guns here and really in southeast Missouri. I believe it is because, at least in the small town of Advance, and Zalma, and surrounding towns, we are taught by our parents, usually our fathers, to respect life, to respect guns, and are taught how to use them at an early age.

The massacres of recent years, Columbine, Newtown, among others, are not because of gun violence, or because of certain weapons, but because of a LACK of RESPECT for LIFE! And just yesterday there was a stabbing spree at a college in Texas. He used no gun, but a knife. If a person wants to kill someone, he or she will find a way even without guns.


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